Joe Lazauskas

Joe Lazauskas

Editor in Chief @ Contently. Former EIC of The Faster Times, NY Egotist. Tech and marketing journalist. David Sedaris wannabe. Email: Twitter: @joelazauskas

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20 Brand Publishing Predictions for 2014


20 Techies You Should Really Follow on Twitter

Visit the Wibiya blog to discover the latest news about Wibiya. New applications, tips & tricks, video tutorials & more can all be found in the Wibiya blog

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4 Ways Brands Can Battle Facebook’s Fast-Decreasing Organic Reach

There are alternatives to renting an audience on Facebook, and while they might not be as sexy as the major social network, they do allow brands to expand their reach and make the most out of their investments. Here are four steps you can take to wean yourself off relying...

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5 Content Marketing Lessons From Obama

Although politicians and their marketing teams are generally seen as behind the times, President Barack Obama's campaign team is a big exception, having effectively leveraged so......

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5 Reasons Your Branded Content Is Failing

You’re a brand (hello, brand!), and you’ve decided to invest in brand publishing. It’s the hot new thing, and you hear there’s serious ROI behind it, so you figure what the hell......

A Crisis of Confidence

In this report, you'll find those results, with a bit of analysis of what they mean. We hope you enjoy it. — Joe Lazauskas. Contently Editor in Chief. Editor's Note ......

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Apple's Arsenal of Super Geeks – The Brains Behind iOS 7 | Conduit ...

Dec 11, 2013 ... This post was contributed to The Conduit Mobile Blog by guest blogger Joe Lazauskas. Joe is co-founder and CCO of Faster Times Media, ......

Behind OKCupid’s Publishing Strategy

This is a lightly edited version of an article that...

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Can the Attention Web Save Publishing? Upworthy, Quartz, and Refinery29 Weigh In

There’s been a common refrain in the media and marketing industry lately: the relationship between advertising and publishing on the web is broken. But other than building a time machine and stopping CPMs from taking over the Internet in the first place, what can be done?...

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CenturyLinkVoice: Beyond IT: How CIOs Are Boosting Business Through Innovation

Forget the old notions of what a CIO should be. That’s because in today’s technology-reliant business environment, the role of the CIO is evolving. CIOs and aspiring CIOs — thanks to the rise of cloud computing, mobility, Big Data, apps, and other technology — are in prime position to grow...

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CenturyLinkVoice: The Four Most Unlikely Places You Can Find A Data Center

When you think of data centers, cathedrals, caves and a Cold War nuclear bunker probably don't come to mind. Yet, it's in these places where you'll find some of the world's wildest data centers. Each is certainly intriguing on its own, but examining them as a group reveals some interesting...

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Facebook is Still Using You To Sell Crap You Don’t Remember Liking - The Faster Times

A friendly PSA here to remind you that Facebook is still using you as a spokesmodel for brands that you don’t remember liking. Lately, it’s gotten bad. I’ve seen the same Facebook friends with the same brands dozens of times. I’m now subconsciously convinced that my boss John really wants...

How Banks Got In On The Content Business -- And Why It's Working

By Joe Lazauskas, Contently
Original content is not...

How the Cloud is Transforming Developing Nations

Businesses in developed nations have embraced cloud computing for the boost in speed, efficiency and flexibility it provides, but in the developing world, it provides a different set of advantages to young businesses.